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Backlog Dialogues is the nerd culture podcast where we dig you out of your backlog, BEFORE it buries you. We attempt to bring a literary eye to nerd culture media, like video games, films, TV shows, and more. Think of us like a book club, but for video games and other types of media. Our second backlog-buster is: When They Cry!

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4 days ago

It's Satoko's turn in the spotlight as we go back and start over to have a good old fashioned lunch box battle! Keiichi begins to develop brotherly feelings for the precocious brat (affectionate), and his skill for bullshit hinted at in the previous arc is now given a name in one of the most hilarious (and horrifying) scenes we've ever done on this pod! Listener discretion advised, we do not condone any of the words that weird pervert says.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

O, Canada! We don't know much about you, but you do make a fun setting for a very strange tale. We're talking about the original Graphic Novel that inspired a movie, a video game, and a Netflix original series, Scott Pilgrim! We take the time to talk characters, themes, and how being in your twenties just completely sucks.

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

We join the cast of Higurashi in once again asking, what the hell was that? Are the Sonozakis really a ruthless crime syndicate? Why does the manga localize so many things but not Ritual Storehouse? Will the anime make any improvements over its fumbling of Onikakushi? And will you listeners who have seen to the end of this tale stick around for more? Once again the passage to darkness opens.....

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Things aren't looking good. Satoko and Rika are missing, and Keiichi may have been spilling his guts to the wrong Sonozaki sister this whole time. It's a good thing Rena is an ace detective, or this case would never have been cracked. It's time once more for things to come to a tragic end...

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Keiichi has a rough one, as everyone wants to know if he saw some people that he definitely does not want them to know he saw. Rena's acting smart, Mion's acting strange, and Rika is talking about cats. Oh, and people are starting to disappear, that's big too. Make sure to practice proper ladder saftey, Keiichi!

Wednesday May 15, 2024

The titular festival is back, and with it our spooky lady friend, Takano Miyo! Shion drags Keiichi in to hearing all about Miyo's many hobbies, and ends up dragging him in to a shed full of crazy torture devices! Shilling vendor trash and more romcom antics round out this section of the story.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Keiichi's relationship with 'Shion' deepens, and we unfortunately have to spend even more time in Angel Mort. Rena teaches Keiichi valuable lessons on not judging people based on how they initially seem (and also just stop being such a sexist dick). And finally, we answer once and for all the burning question: Are Twins Real?

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Things are suspiciously back to normal in Hinamizawa, as Keiichi, Mion, and Rena are all alive and well, and the business of the day is club activites! A board game competition, Sympathy, and Curry are all on the menu, but more importantly, why the heck is Mion a server at a skeevy family diner, and why is she insisting that twins are real?

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

It's time to talk about one of the biggest anime hits ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion! Would you believe John hadn't watched the original series in full until recording for this podcast? We dive in to the characters, themes, and (third?) impact of the original series, and the fandom and culture that surrounds it. Does Shinji need to pilot the Eva? Does the religious symbolism mean anything? Is Gendo a wifeguy? The answers may be more surprising than you think!

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

It's time for an out-of-character after party! The cast discuss what happened in the story, and WE discuss the anime and manga adaptations of Onikakushi! What will happen next now that Keiichi, Rena, and Mion are all dead? Heck, what CAN happen next?
(For those who have seen all there is to see in When They Cry, there is an additional after party after the credits. If you are unbound from time, join your fellow monsters, won't you?)

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