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Backlog Dialogues is the nerd culture podcast where we dig you out of your backlog, BEFORE it buries you. We attempt to bring a literary eye to nerd culture media, like video games, films, TV shows, and more. Think of us like a book club, but for video games and other types of media. Our first backlog-buster is: Kingdom Hearts!

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7 days ago

Time to be tacky clout chasers and drop a bunch of names we have no business saying! Also time to discuss Ventus' second half of Disney worlds for Birth By Sleep.  In Disney Town, Ventus unlocks powerful movement skills way too early and also shoots ice cream at children doing a butt dance in a terrible music game. In Olympus Coliseum, Ventus sits on the sidelines but does make friends with young Herc. In Deep Space, Ventus helps Experiment 626 escape the law. And in Neverland, Ventus visits poorly named areas while we contemplate what kind of artificial world Neverland is and what kind of Demiurge Peter Pan is.

Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Ventus's journey takes him to the Badlands and Radiant Garden this week! In the badlands, he gets in a fight with a very annoying afterimage spamming jerk, Vanitas, and makes friends with everyone's favorite cartoon mouse. Then, in Radiant Garden, he gets tickets to disney town and meets a bunch of pre-nobodied Organization XIII members, even making a few more friends! And also learns angst.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

New character route time, it's Ventus! Join this game's very good boy on his first foray in to Disney worlds and his numerous encounters with sidekicks. We play a very stupid game of hide and seek with the seven dwarves in their woodlands. John introduces new jargon, Sillevil, to describe the absolutely bonkers adventure in Castle of Dreams, where Ventus is shrunk to rodent size and must fight Lucifer (the cat, not the prince of darkness.)(Is there a difference? - Jared) Then Ventus goes hero mode alongside ditzy fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to take the fight to Maleficent's castle in the Enchanted Dominion and retrieve Aurora's heart.

Wednesday Jan 04, 2023

The tragic conclusion of Terra's route has arrived! We go through Terra's fateful decision to grant the power of the keyblade to a young Riku, confront Eraqus as he seemingly readies to kill Ventus, and have the fateful final battle with Xehanort. Throughout we have seen Terra's hopelessly manipulated path, but we still know of his determination, which explains how Terra's Will began to linger in his armor to create one of the strongest blocks of gameplay driven story Kingdom Hearts has to offer

Wednesday Dec 28, 2022

It's time for Terra's second speedrun of Disney worlds, with visits to Disneytown, Olympus Coliseum, Deep Space, and Neverland! In Disneytown we take our first dip in to Pete's backstory (and his secret history of playing both a heel and a face) along with Rumble Racing, the worst kart racer ever. In Olympus Coliseum, Hades is the next villain to pick up on the fact that Terra is an easy mark, but is disappointed when Terra doesn't really DO anything and so enlists Final Fantasy cameo Zack instead. In Deep Space, Terra befriends the ornery Experiment 626 and manages to see past Jumba Jookiba's admittedly weak deception skills. And in Neverland, Terra finally manages to get one up on his deceivers... but only after Hook tricks him in to fighting Peter Pan first.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

Terra visits Radiant Garden, eventually. First he has to stop in to talk to various old keyblade masters in the Mysterious Tower and the Badlands, yet he doesn't manage to learn anything. Lots of discussion about Star Wars interweaves throughout as we dig in to how much Terra's arc resembles Anakin's from the prequels and how Braig and Xehanort totally pull a Count Dooku gambit to draw out the darkness in him. Also we begin to put together a theory of how sketchy Merlin actually is. Spoiler: Its pretty darn sketchy.

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

Let's start Terra's story in Birth By Sleep! After breaking down the specific character controls, we get right to the core of our new bad decisions man, here just in time to replace Riku. Terra fumbles his way through Enchanted Dominion, Castle of Dreams, and the Dwarf Woodland, being picked out as an easy mark by every card-carrying villain Disney has to offer, and some new ones too! John has a hard time telling the difference between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Many tangents are had. Xehanort looks like a nice guy.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

It's the prologue to Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! We discuss how the game works as usual, and then dive in to some scenes without much context before we get to meet our new trio of heroes, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua as we get the opening act to the tragedy that will recontextualize all we have seen thus far and set up the story that is to come.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

CONTENT WARNING - This episode contains some discussion of suicide and suicide ideation.
This season of Backlog Dialogues Kingdom Hearts, we're turning our attention to the prequels, and where better to start than the tragedy of Roxas during his time at Organization XIII? That's right, it's 358/2 Days, where we spend all day visiting Disney worlds to do same-y missions and all evening hanging out on the clocktower eating ice cream. Or we would do the first one if this wasn't mercifully just a cutscene compilation, thus we get to only go over the good bits! We really dig into Axel as a character in this one, and meet yet another person that came from Sora: the mysterious 14th organization member, Xion. We also delve in to just how much an abusive cult leader Xemnas is, and most importantly, we truly and finally lay to rest the most important question: Do Nobodies have Hearts? (spoiler alert, they do)(Also DiZ is a dick)

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

It's our second Minilog, talking about one of our favorite games, the cult hit indie JRPG Cross Code! And we manage to avoid making jokes about balls!
Follow the not-so-silent protagonist Lea through her adventure in the game-within-a-game Cross Worlds as she traverses cool jumping puzzles and complex puzzle dungeons, solves the Zelda problem with some excellent game design, and goes through one of the most satisfying video game stories to date about what makes a person. If you haven't played this game yet, dear listener, you really need to.

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