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Backlog Dialogues is the nerd culture podcast where we dig you out of your backlog, BEFORE it buries you. We attempt to bring a literary eye to nerd culture media, like video games, films, TV shows, and more. Think of us like a book club, but for video games and other types of media. Our second backlog-buster is: When They Cry!

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Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

This week, we take the last step before reaching Kingdom Hearts III, with the real time rendered movie included with Kingdom Hearts 2.8, χ Back Cover! Join us as we try to figure out just what the HECK is going on in the mobile games while also discerning just what the heck the Master of Master's deal is with his constant trolling of his easily duped students, Ira, Invi, Aced, Gula, Ava, and Luxu. There's attempts to make a game of among us, but the most sus person is still the Master himself.

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sensitive issues such as suicide ideation and depression
We kick off our final season of the Kingdom Hearts journey with THE most absurdly named game in the franchise: 0.2 Birth By Sleep A Fragmentary Passage. This game dares to dig in deep into one of the most pressing mysteries of Kingdom Hearts: why Mickey didn't have his shirt on at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1. To learn this hidden secret, we must traverse the World of Darkness with Aqua, who is not having a very good time of it. In the process we learn that Mickey has done some horrible things to get where he is now, just like the company that made him. We decide on an absurd voice change for Donald and engage in general goofery to cope with what we learn and the fact that our reward for completionism is clothes.

Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

It's time for another Minilog, as well as our first discussion of a manga, the cult classic Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. Stop me if you've heard this one - a guy gets psychic powers in a battle for the fate of the world as a knight in a war between a princess and a mage. Hold up though, it's more complex than that, because Satoshi Mizukami is a master of the craft of Manga and always manages to come up with a cool twist on things that seem like you've seen it before. Join us as we discuss Amamiya Yuuhi's growth in a most unusual coming of age story as he swears fealty to Asahina Samidare, the little Lucifer who only wishes to save the world so she can destroy it herself in this tale of smashing planets.
Just... don't watch the anime.

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

It's time for the completion episode of Dream Drop Distance! John takes Jared and Matt through a fun(?) game where they try to guess what he named every spirit as he worked towards completion, then goes over all the ways in which completion in Dream Drop Distance sucks, from obnoxious grinding by throwing Spirits in water barrels or balloon minigames, to using forecasts to try to get every single special portal, to a really stupid hidden message in the credits. It's not all bad, though, we've got an optional boss and a bunch of rather good story stuff, so let's have some fun this week!

Wednesday May 31, 2023

This time we focus on Sora's side of The World That Never Was. We come to an understanding of both why Sora is the protagonist despite not being the chosen hero of the Keyblade, and what Xehanort's plan has been. Riku takes over once more to finish off Young Xehanort, and Master Xehanort closes out the game with a pitch for the story of Kingdom Hearts 3. Discussion of weird time travel, what it means to be a Xehanort, and more await in this installment!

Wednesday May 24, 2023

The trip's going bad as we enter the first part of the finale of Dream Drop Distance with a return to The World that Never Was! We briefly get to see Sora be taunted by Xigbar before we are forced to drop to Riku, who has to deal with shifting dream labyrinths and crazy reveals about his present status as a Dream Eater, culminating in the final showdown with his own Darkness personified by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Obnoxious fights await in this installment!

Wednesday May 17, 2023

It's time for the final Disney world in Dream Drop Distance, along with its coolest world concept (and perhaps the coolest world concept in all of Kingdom Hearts), Symphony of Sorcery, based on Disney's Fantasia. It's all about the classical music this week as Sora and Riku go through largely plotless worlds based on Fantasia sections and fight classic Fantasia villains Chernobog and Spellican.
Wait, something seems off about that.

Wednesday May 10, 2023

It's time to visit a Disney world that can in no way come close to just how bizarre the movie it's based on is, the Country of Musketeers! Based on the 2004 direct to DVD animated movie Mickey, Goofy, and Donald: The Three Musketeers, this world makes us question many things, including the timeline of Mickey as a Keyblade master and how sleeping worlds even work. We continually fight our distractions and weeb sensibilities as we try to make sense of this absurd world we have found ourselves in. Goofy demonstrates his keenly honed mind for slapstick comedy by performing the most impractical yeeting that has ever yeeted.

Wednesday May 03, 2023

This week, we head back to Traverse Town because it's glowing for some reason! Sora and Riku have to help the The World Ends With You characters deal with a Spellican problem, which seems to be the kind of NFT that steals all your other NFTs from your wallet. But that's not important, what's really important is what happens at the end of the episode, where Maleficent makes her move to assert her dominance as the true endgame of Kingdom Hearts by performing the most evil move anyone can do: making Coded matter.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2023

Time for Kingdom Hearts to make its saving throw on portraying Pinocchio with Prankster's Paradise! Sora gets to explore a fun theme park and interact with characters he's met that don't remember him, while Riku gets to go through a much better version of Monstro that isn't a chaos maze. The reality shift for this world enables some utterly delightful nonsense against the lobster themed dream eaters we face. Various discussions of gross anatomy are had. Fun!

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